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NEW : About AI

Artificial Intellgence, Machine Learning etc. a hot topic. With a machine language programming history I picked up that old interest. So I downloaded the Python language and started fiddling around with AI snippets I found on the net. I found most either too complex for a beginner, or not quite clear for a moron. Therefore I jotted down notes of my wanderings thru AI land and I am placing them on my website for anybody to peruse, reuse, steal of enhance. Its just the beginning as I only have been playing around with the subject for about 6 months, learning both Python and AI.

I realise its a bit out of topic with the guitarthings on the rest of the site, but who cares as long as it generates some interest somewhere.

Lekker winkelen zonder zorgen - Gratis verzending en retour

WORKSHOP building a Tele, Strat or Pbass and do setup - in Assen/Netherlands!
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Artificial Intelligence with Python - tutorial, first steps, some real exercises in Python
Tutorial how to build a Stratocaster

Tutorial how to build a Telecaster
Tutorial on Guitar Electronics
Tutorial using a barebones DIY guitar kit
Tutorial on chords and scales
Gallery of customer creations - some nice, some bonkers
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Tutorial how to build a Precision Bass
Tutorial Refret /Fretdress

About Guitars Recycled

Guitars Recycled happened more or less by accident.

After managing IT departments for a long time I retired in 2004 and decided to enjoy myself building guitars from cannibalised components you can find on the net.

In the process I made many notes on Strats, Teles and PBasses. So i decided to dump these into a series of small books, (hopefully) useful to other first time builders.

I wrote the books; 3 in english and 3 in dutch and started selling them with modest success - wont make me rich but its fun as well.

After a while and lots of questions from customers i decided to start doing workshops where we build and setup a guitar of choice in about four hours.

Last but not least and after more lots of questons from customers i decided to start doing workshops on guitar electronics, making simple mods - but thats still being developed.


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