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New: i restarted the AI projects with a an exercise in Reinforcement Learning using a very low cost caterpillar based robot, Raspberry PI and this stage only ultrasonic range detection and the tiny PiCamera. The robotic platform works, but still plodding on slowly with the RL Markov algorythms and the neural network to recognize a simple picture from the Picam. I need to learn AI on the road. See the ai.html page.

The guitar building books on Amazon Kindle as eBook

My books are also available on Amazon Kindle for half the price of a hardcopy book, more if you take transport in to account (shipping is rather expensive, to say the least). The big difference is the printing cost of colour paperbacks. Ebook pixels are basically for free. Have a look.

Ebook Telecaster Build on Amazon Kindle

Ebook Stratocastr Build on Amazon Kindle

Ebook Build Precision Bass on Amazon Kindle

Nederlands: Ebook Bouw de Telecaster op Amazon Kindle

Lekker winkelen zonder zorgen - Gratis verzending en retour

Liever Nederlands? Ga naar de NL site
WORKSHOP building a Tele, Strat or Pbass and do setup - in Assen/Netherlands!
Tutorial how to build a Telecaster
Making Tele body from slab of wood (bodyblank)
Tutorial how to build a Stratocaster

Tutorial on Guitar Electronics
Tutorial using a barebones DIY guitar kit
Tutorial on chords and scales
Artificial Intelligence - tutorial, first steps, some real exercises in Python and a bit of Java
Gallery of customer creations - some nice, some bonkers
Order my books &stuff
Tutorial how to build a Precision Bass
Tutorial Refret /Fretdress

About Guitars Recycled

Guitars Recycled happened more or less by accident.

After managing IT departments for a long time I retired in 2004 and decided to enjoy myself building guitars from cannibalised components you can find on the net.

In the process I made many notes on Strats, Teles and PBasses. So i decided to dump these into a series of small books, (hopefully) useful to other first time builders.

I wrote the books; 3 in english and 3 in dutch and started selling them with modest success - wont make me rich but its fun as well.

After a while and lots of questions from customers i decided to start doing workshops where we build and setup a guitar of choice in about four hours.


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Guitars Recycled